First Double

first double

In late March of 2012 my long-time friend, Thor, wanted to try out his new shotgun on some coyotes. I set him up in some thick timber on a distinct game trail that I was hoping any coyote would use to get down wind of our call. I set up about 20 yards from him watching a pasture in case something came in the back door. To my surprise, not more than a few minutes after putting on Frantic Jack I saw two coyotes coming straight across the open pasture. I quickly realized that once these coyotes got into the timber they were more than likely going to wind us. I took the first one with my rifle(223) at about 110 yards right in the head, and then immediately put  Kiyi on my call. The second one came back to investigate the sound, and I dropped it with a shot to the shoulder at about 220 yards. This all happened in a matter of seconds. I then hear Thor yell ” Hey! what’s going on?!”   “Ummm, I think I just got  my first double.”  I felt bad that we didn’t get Thor a coyote, but he is the bigger man and was happy for my good fortune. What a friend!