Epic Coyote Hunt

epic coyote pic

Here is my first coyote while hunting with guide, Tom Austin, of Predator Strikeforce.  This stand will be seared in my memory for a long time. We had called a sage flat for a half hour with nothing coming in. As we walked back to the truck I noticed a draw of juniper bushes. After conferring with Tom we set up the Foxpro call and decoy just above the draw. It was less than five minutes that I saw movement in the corner of my eye. The coyote was charging in not 30 yards in front of me going left to right and I had to act fast. I quickly lowered my rifle to a spot that I anticipated he would cross. When fur filled my scope I dropped the hammer. To my amazement the coyote slid face first across the dusty desert floor dead on impact. I looked back at Tom and his jaw was just hanging open . I don’t expect to replicate that shot ever again. Tom filmed the whole thing and it is fun to watch it again and again.