Predator Strikeforce Guided Predator Hunts

Tom Austin and me

Here I am with guide and friend, Tom Austin , on a hunt in late October of 2012. We had started this stand right a daylight. He was running his Foxpro  Wildfire and decoy using Jackrabbit in distress sound. Several coyotes came in at about 120 yards and locked up. I adjusted my rifle and hit one right in the chest. Unfortunately it ran in to some chest high grass and we were having a time locating it. This is where being 5’6″ is a disadvantage but lucky for me I had the tallest guide this side of the big river working for me and Tom found the dog in short time. Thanks Tom!


Turkey Strut

turkey strut


Urban Coyote

urban coyote


Zombie Ammo

zombie ammo


Pig Hunt

pig hunt

This was the hunt of a life time! Thanks to Ken Scurry(scurry outdoors south), Mark Olis (predator xtreme magazine)and the folks at Bayed Solid/ Xtreme Hog Hunting magazine! When I had been invited by Mark Olis to go on this hunt I thought I would be doing the bait and shoot style. No, this was running through the woods with the big dogs and a big knife style hunt. Long and short of the story is these guys have ruined me for “normal” hunting. I have never done something so crazy in my life and can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to Terry Ratliff , Randy Brown, Brian Miller and Buck for making this happen! Not bad for a cartoonist from Chicago!


First Eastern

first eastern

This is my first called in/killed Eastern coyote. It happened in March of 2012. I was calling in a cow pasture that has a draw right in the middle. I had my rifle(223) on shooting sticks and my shotgun on my lap. This coyote came out and was slowly working its way towards the call when it caught me moving to get my rifle ready. It started making a move toward the draw, so I abandoned the rifle for my 12 gauge loaded with 00 in 3 1/2 and let her rip. The coyote dropped instantly and didn’t move a muscle. I walked  off the distance and it was over 85 paces. Most folks have a hard time believing it but it happened ,and I drew a cartoon to back it up which is in the cartoon section on this site . God does answer prayer!!


Homeless Coyote Hunter

homeless coyote hunter


First Double

first double

In late March of 2012 my long-time friend, Thor, wanted to try out his new shotgun on some coyotes. I set him up in some thick timber on a distinct game trail that I was hoping any coyote would use to get down wind of our call. I set up about 20 yards from him watching a pasture in case something came in the back door. To my surprise, not more than a few minutes after putting on Frantic Jack I saw two coyotes coming straight across the open pasture. I quickly realized that once these coyotes got into the timber they were more than likely going to wind us. I took the first one with my rifle(223) at about 110 yards right in the head, and then immediately put  Kiyi on my call. The second one came back to investigate the sound, and I dropped it with a shot to the shoulder at about 220 yards. This all happened in a matter of seconds. I then hear Thor yell ” Hey! what’s going on?!”   “Ummm, I think I just got  my first double.”  I felt bad that we didn’t get Thor a coyote, but he is the bigger man and was happy for my good fortune. What a friend!


Epic Coyote Hunt

epic coyote pic

Here is my first coyote while hunting with guide, Tom Austin, of Predator Strikeforce.  This stand will be seared in my memory for a long time. We had called a sage flat for a half hour with nothing coming in. As we walked back to the truck I noticed a draw of juniper bushes. After conferring with Tom we set up the Foxpro call and decoy just above the draw. It was less than five minutes that I saw movement in the corner of my eye. The coyote was charging in not 30 yards in front of me going left to right and I had to act fast. I quickly lowered my rifle to a spot that I anticipated he would cross. When fur filled my scope I dropped the hammer. To my amazement the coyote slid face first across the dusty desert floor dead on impact. I looked back at Tom and his jaw was just hanging open . I don’t expect to replicate that shot ever again. Tom filmed the whole thing and it is fun to watch it again and again.


Coyote & Turkey

coyote and turkey

This is one of those mornings you know there is a God and He is smiling down on you! My biggest turkey, 9 inch beard and 1 1/2 spurs , and my first coyote. All before 8:30 am.